Ümit Kıvanç'a Cevap - Birikim Dergisinin Yayınlamayı Reddettiği Makalenin Öyküsü

This book chronicles the debate between the author and Birikim writer Umit Kivanc. The debate was spurred by a translated article on the current war in Iraq  that appeared in the 4th July 2004 edition of Radikal Iki and a reply by the author to this article that was subsequently published in the same newspaper supplement objecting to it on the basis of translation etiquette and journalistic principles. In response to the second article, Kivanc wrote in an article in Birikim in which he explained that "his patience was finally exhausted on this topic which had so long caused him anguish". The subject that Kivanc claimed had caused him such pain was the charge of antisemitism that he claimed was automatically leveled at those who criticize the political and military actions of the State of Israel and the fact that such charges had for all practical purposes made it impossible to criticize Israel. After implying in his article that the author [Bali] had accused the weekly Radikal Iki of antisemitism, Kivanc first labels him an "antisemitism detector", then as a "one of the employed-directed detectors [in the service of] the State of Israel" and indirectly questions his loyalty to Turkey.