1934 Trakya Olayları

In the thirties, a not negligible Jewish population lived in the main cities of Eastern Thrace, such as Kirklareli, Edirne (Andrinople), Canakkale (Dardanelles) and Tekirdag.  The Jews of Eastern Thrace used to live peacefully with their Muslim neighbours for decades. However this peaceful life would suddenly end in the last days of June and the first days of July 1934. For a few days the Jews will be subject to continious threats and violence and then would be obliged to fly to Istanbul, abandoning their houses, shops and belongings or selling them at very low prices. After the violence would be under control and security restored only some of them would return to their cities. In the Turkish and Turkish Jewish historiography these events are mentionned as "the 1934 Thrace Events". What were the reasons which led to these events? Who were the perpetrators? How the events influenced the people who used to live in Thrace?

This research is attempting to answer all these questions in the light of Turkish and foreign archival documents, of testimonies, of news and cartoons which appeared in the Turkish and foreign press and in the light of the inspection report of Ibrahim Tali, the Inspector General of Thrace, a report prepared after a visit to the various cities where the riots happened and only a few days prior to the start of the events.

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